Hello World

Wilkommen, bienvenue, welcome

We’re very happy to begin this new phase of our Globelers adventure. Many of you already know who we are and what we do, some of you have already had your own Globelers experience, but to start the blog properly, we thought it would be great to give you all a small introduction to what we do.

We had a dream, we dreamt of a world whose people didn’t need a massive alien invasion to be united, and although we’d still love Will Smith, we wouldn’t need him to save us all to truly get along and share lives and experiences.

The question we asked ourselves was this:

How could we accomplish this dream?

We knew from the start that we would have to focus our goal on travel. Traveling is by far the great unifier, it allows us to open our eyes and minds to new experiences, cultures and points of view. By meeting new people abroad we get a glimpse of a different way of life, but that was our first problem, how can we help people to meet other like-minded people from other countries? It might be easier for some people if they are already there: go to a pub, start talking to everyone and hope for the best, but not everyone finds that an easy thing to do; especially if we wished to help create these connections before the actual traveling itself.


It was settled, we would help create a network of people who wished to meet others while traveling and focus on bringing them together.

How would it work?

We analysed other sites with a similar goal to ours and what we saw was that they lacked something we believed to be essential; they all focused on free one on one accommodation, but we thought, why stop there? How much better would it be if whole groups of friends could meet other groups and socialise, travel to each other’s countries and stay at each other’s homes?
We knew that was the way to go.

Having settled this, we came up with three ways to help people around the world to get to know each other:

Create a social platform

From Facebook to Instagram, WhatsApp to Snapchat and Discord to Telegram, there is no better way to keep in touch than with social media, you can chat with your friends, see what they’re up to or even follow what your favorite celebrities are doing. We started by building a website which would allow the user to create, what we call, a Local Group.

Globelers' System
Globelers’ Local Group

The Local Group will be the focal point of our community; in it, each group of friends will be able to introduce themselves with a text, photos and even with a video as well as state how many people comprise their group and how many beds they can offer. Prospective travelers will be able to search for groups of friends who live in their desired destination and find one which can accommodate. They will also have the possibility to offer themselves as hosts too.

Free Accommodation

They say money talks, but nothing speaks louder than free things. Globelers will allow you to travel on a budget, by finding a Local Group who can host you, you will be able to stay for free in their homes, either in one single house or spread out between the group of friends.

Now you know what they say, “there is no such thing as free dinner”. What do we mean by that? Although the accommodation will be free, it is always nice to show our appreciation towards those who help us, so why not give something back?

One of the ways you and your friends can thank your hosts for the free accommodation is by cooking a local dish from your country. Your group may have traveled to another country to soak up the culture but rest assured that your hosts will love to learn and try new things too! For example, when I have been hosted abroad, I’ve always tried to make gazpacho if the vegetables are in season, otherwise, I will make a tortilla de patata or Spanish omelette made with potatoes.

Another way you might go is the party way! Does your country have any typical drinks you could make? Sangria is well known to most people, but what I like to surprise people with is Agua de Valencia, or Valencia’s Water (link), which is one of those great drinks you can make a lot of cheaply to share it with everyone.

Cheap Travel

Ah cheap! What a word. Most of the time, the word cheap will conjure up images of plastic toys that break at the first chance they get, but when traveling, the word chap acquires a quasi-legendary status. Every time somebody starts looking for a prospective holiday, the word cheap is their favorite word when searching on Google.

How can Globelers help in the search of this Holy Grail? Easily, by putting you in contact with Local Groups. The best way to understand it is if we think about ourselves, we all know about at least one hidden bar or restaurant that offers great food for a small price don’t we? In my case, I know of El Tropezón, which has awesome tapas for a good price; so if you are ever in Barcelona, seek it out! It may be a bit hidden but it is worth it.

How about those little tips and tricks locals know about?

For example, did you know that most museums in Barcelona are free on the first Sunday of the month? Or that it is much cheaper to get a ten trip ticket to go from the airport to the city center, which you can then continue using there, rather than buying the expensive one-way ticket?
This is the kind of useful information your hosts will be able to give you, allowing you and your friends to bring traveling costs even lower, making travel cheaper.

So, what do you think? Do you also dream of meeting new and interesting people? Are you ready to discover new countries and ways of life?
Go to globelers.com, create your Local Group and start planning your future adventures.

As we all know, traveling has been restricted in most of the world due to the current emergency of COVID19, we at Globelers would like to represent the great times that lie ahead. A time will come when we can go back to discovering every nook and cranny of our little big planet, but until then, we can only ask you to be safe, protect yourself and follow your countries health laws; if we all work together, we will be traveling the world once more in no time.